Translation and Parsing of the Greek Text


1 Timothy 1:1

1 Timothy 1:1

Paulos: 2 nom absolute masc sg Paulos, ho "Paul"
kat' epitagen: 1 accus fem sg. epitage, he 1. limitation 2. according to 3. "according to the commandment"
theou: 2 possess gen masc sg theos, ho "of God"
soteros: 3 gen (apposition to theou) masc sg soter, ros, ho "our Savior"

Translation: "Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus according to the commandment of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope"

1 Tim. 1:2

Timotheo: 2 dat indir obj masc sg Timotheos, ho "to Timothy"
gnesio: adj. dat masc sg gnesios, a, on "true, genuine"

Translation: "to Timothy my true (genuine) child in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord."

1 Tim. 1:3

parekalesa: 1 con aor s. act decl indic 1 sg parakaleo "I exhorted, urged, encouraged"
se: personal pron adverbial accus of reference masc sg su "you"
prosmeinai: 1 con aor s. act infin verbal infin used in clause of indirect discourse prosmeno "to remain on"
poreuomenos: prog pres depon middle ptc nom masc sg poreuomai adv. ptc-temp "while going"
paraggeiles: 1 con aor s. act potent subj 2 sg paraggelo "that you might instruct"
tisin: indefinite demonstrative pron dat after verb of instructing masc plur tis, ti "certain ones"
heterodidaskalein: prog pres s. act infin heterodidaskaleo subst infin-obj (dir) "[not] to teach differently [heretically]"

Form: conjunctive; main/intro: kathos; word related: [poieo or parakaleo]; fcn: adv.-comparison.
Form: infinitival; main/intro: prosmeinai; word related: parekalesa; fcn: adj-substantival--dir obj.
Form: ptc; main/intro: poreuomenos; word related: parekalesa; fcn: adv.-temporal.
Form: conjunctive; main/intro: hina; word related: [poieo or parakaleo]; fcn: adv.-purpose (RWP 4:560--subfinal clause).
Form: infin; main/intro: heterodidaskalein; word related: paraggeiles; fcn: adj.-subst--dir obj.

Translation: "As I exhorted you to remain in Ephesus (while going to Macedonia), [I am now exhorting you] that you might instruct certain ones not to teach differently [heretically]"