Introduction and Chapter One
Second and Third Visions (Zech. 1:18-2:13)
Fourth Vision: Focus on Joshua, the Chief Priest (Zech. 3:1-10)
Fifth Vision: The Lampstand and Two Olive Trees AND Sixth Vision: The Flying Scroll and Woman in the Ephah (Zech. 4:1-5:11)
Seventh Vision: The Four Chariots/Horses and the Crown of Joshua the High Priest (Zech. 6:1-15)
The Question About Fasting (Part One) Zech. 7:1-14
The Question About Fasting (Part Two) Zech. 8:1-23
The Defeat of Israel's Enemies, the Coming of the Messiah, and the Vindication of Israel (Zech. 9:1-17)