David's Reign
Part Three (cont'd): David's Early Reign

1 Samuel 31:1-2 Samuel 7:29


In the previous lesson we see that God has promised David to seat one of his descendants upon his throne and that this descendant would reign forever and ever (2 Sam. 7:6-18). A surface glance at this promise seems to indicate that Solomon fulfills this promise. The only problem to this is that the promise contains the word "forever." Because Solomon was a mere mortal, his reign eventually came to an end; therefore, this promise looks forward to a descendant of David who will reign eternally. One of the major themes of the entire NT is that Jesus is this Son promised to David and that He has firmly and eternally established the kingdom of His father David.


Jesus Fulfills the Promise to David

Although we speak of this covenant as the Davidic covenant, it is not really a new covenant. Rather it is an expansion of the covenant God made with Abraham. At the very beginning of time we saw that God made a covenant (agreement) with Eve that HER son would one day destroy the serpent (Gen. 3:15). Later we saw that God got even more specific with that promise in His covenant with Eve. Eve's Son would be no less than a son of Abraham (Jesus). This Son would undo the effects of the curse and restore the blessing of God to the world (salvation).

Matthew One highlights this because when Matthew wants to highlight the 2 greatest ancestors of Jesus, whom does he highlight: "The genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of _______________, the son of _____________" (Matt. 1:1)? In this verse Matthew brings together these 2 great covenants, the covenant with Abraham and the covenant with David. David's greatest Son Jesus would ascend not just any throne but the throne of His physical ancestor David in ultimate fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham.

Isaiah 9:6, 7 says basically the same thing: "For a child will be born to us [the children of Abraham], a son will be given to us, And the government will rest on His shoulders . . . There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace On the throne of David and over his kingdom."

With David we see God becoming even more specific about which one of Abraham's sons would bring about the blessing. Abraham's son would also be David's son. After the death of David the OT will describe the rise and fall of the fortunes of the House of David for over 1000 years. With Solomon the dynasty will reach its pinnacle both spiritually with the building of the temple and politically with the expansion of the kingdom from the Nile River to the Euphrates River. From that point on things take a downward turn. The kingdom will be split in half. Within 400 years the house of David will cease to rule over the Jewish people; HOWEVER, David's bloodline does not stop. When Luke describes Jesus' genealogy what 2 men are included among Jesus' ancestors: "the son of Nathan, the son of _____________, the son of Jesse" (Luke 3:31, 32) and "the son of Isaac, the son of ______________, the son of Terah" (Luke 3:34)?

Acts 2:25-30, especially verse 30, nails down the claim that this promise to David was fulfilled in Jesus. How does it nail down this claim?

According to Matthew 28:18 what has happened which shows that Jesus has ascended the throne of David?

The Kingdom of Jesus

God has established Jesus eternally upon the throne of His father David. What is God doing right now to make this kingdom a reality (1 Cor. 15:25)"For He [Jesus] must reign until He [the Father] has put all His ____________ __________ __________ _________ (1 Cor. 15:25)?

In Matt. 28:18 Jesus says that the Father has give Him ALL authority; in other words, God has placed Him as king over the kingdom of heaven. According to Matt. 28:19-20 how are we to spread His kingdom and bring others beneath the lordship of Jesus?

What does Revelation 11:15 say about this kingdom?

David was one of the fiercest warriors ever to occupy the throne of Israel. He totally subjugated the nations around him. The NT likewise pictures His greatest Son Jesus as a great warrior. For example, Paul claims that Jesus dealt Satan and his forces a severe blow by means of the cross. What will happen at the end of the tribulation which again demonstrates that David's greatest Son is a mighty warrior (Rev. 19:11-20:3)?

God's plan to exalt Jesus over all creation is not simply God's wish or desire. It is the goal God has set for human and creation history. Moreover, it is a goal that one day will be accomplished. According to Paul what is going to happen because He has exalted Jesus and bestowed upon Him the name that is above every other name (Philippians 2:10-11)?

From the beginning of human history until the end of human history, it has all really been about Jesus. Jesus is the One God used to create all things (John 1:3). When God created us in His own image, He created us specifically in the image of Jesus, God the Son (Col. 1:15). Jesus is the Son of Eve who will one day crush the head of Satan (Rev. 12). Jesus is the Son God promised to give Abraham, the Son God would use to bless the whole world by saving us. Now we see that Jesus is David's Son who one day will be exalted over all creation. What's even more wonderful is that because we have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior, He is going to seat us with Him on His throne that we might reign with Him forever and ever (Rom. 5:17; Rev. 2:21; 20:4).

If it really is all about Jesus, then it is time for Christians to start talking about Jesus. Big deal if you talk about God. You can hear the rabbis talk about God in the synagogue and the mullahs talk about God in the mosques. So what's the big deal of talking about God? Nearly everybody believes there is a God. It is a big deal to talk about Jesus. It is time we act like followers of Jesus and not only talk about Jesus but also actually follow Jesus Himself.

What will Jesus do after God has finished subjecting all things beneath the feet of Jesus (1 Cor. 15:28)?

Even though Jesus will give all things to the Father, who will sit on the throne of heaven when the Father comes down from heaven with the New Jerusalem (Rev. 22:3)?

The Reality of the Lordship of Jesus in Our Lives

It is one thing to speak about the lordship of Jesus in general; it is quite another to speak of His lordship in our own lives. Read the following questions and ask yourself if Jesus is lord in these areas of your life.

Is Jesus Lord over your thought life? Yes or No (circle one)
Is Jesus Lord over your time? Yes or No
Is Jesus Lord over your finances? Yes or No
Is Jesus Lord of your marriage? Yes or No
Is Jesus Lord over the way you treat your kids? Yes or No
Is Jesus Lord over your perspective in life? Yes or No
Is Jesus Lord over your tongue? Yes or No
Is Jesus Lord over your sex life? Yes or No
Is Jesus Lord over your entertainment? Yes or No

One of the hardest things we've had to encounter as a family has been over entertainment. People who profess Jesus will show movies to children/youth or take them to movies which offend Jesus tremendously. Either we don't care Jesus is offended by them, or else we are so ignorant about Jesus that we don't know they offend Him. Ask yourselves when you see certain movies, "Would Jesus sit through this movie, or would He get up and walk out?" If He would walk out, then you need to follow Him OUT of the movie theater.

Take these questions very seriously. The old statement is true: "If Jesus is not lord over all, then He is not lord at all."

Some will claim that although they are saved, Jesus isn't just quite lord of their lives. I know that we all mess up, but you need to remember that the Savior Jesus comes to us only as the Lord Jesus. He comes to us on no other terms. We either accept these terms and conditions, or we don't. It is black and white. Our eternal destiny depends upon that response.